NORPA – Go to the theatre while staying at Melville House Lismore

NORPA is a company that makes theatre from the ground up. We take inspiration from the country and culture around us, and we take risks in bringing homegrown stories to life.

Sure, we program and co-produce works by leading national companies as well, but making original Australian work is at the heart of what we do and why we exist.

We love our subscribers too, but we’re lucky, because we know they’re up for an adventure. So for every classic play, we’re comfortable taking them on an experimental journey, as we explore different forms of storytelling, and push new boundaries in how theatre is created.

Based in Lismore, on the Northern Rivers of NSW, NORPA is a not-for-profit, led by a small team of theatre professionals, and supported by a generous group of volunteers.

Building opportunities, and nurturing local artists, NORPA is proof that small towns have big creative potential.

NORPA is thrilled to announce an incredible cadre of theatre makers will be taking centre stage in the company as Associate Artists. All are respected makers in their own right and represent the cutting edge of Australian talent across a multitude of forms. Together they form the thumping heart of NORPA’s artistic vision for the future. They will fuel the creation of inspiring new devised works and a creative program that is physical, visceral, ambitious, inclusive and occupies a unique place in the national theatre landscape.

Our Associate Artists will join Julian Louis (Artistic Director) and Kirk Page (Associate Director). Together they will invigorate and inspire NORPA as a brave artist-led company. Our artists are Janis Balodis, Caroline Dunphy, Darcy Grant, Mitch King, Jade Dewi, Kate McDowell, Emma Saunders and Valley Lipcer.

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